The National Mobility Challenge attracted a record number of participants

The National Mobility Challenge attracted a record number of participants

On Thursday, November 16th, the National Mobility Challenge initiated by the President of the Republic of Lithuania on the app #walk15, reached its conclusion, drawing nearly 160,000 participants this year.

The project, which has been held for the third consecutive year on September 16th, invited various Lithuanian communities to form teams and exchange polluting transportation for walking, engaging in various challenges for two months. This year, 100% of cities, towns, and high schools joined the challenge. Additionally, 90% of schools, 1,300 companies, and about 1,000 communities participated.

“I am pleased that the project attracts more participants every year. This year, we took a total of 40 billion steps together, which means we circled the Earth 780 times. But most importantly, this challenge encourages us not only to move in an environmentally friendly way but also to come together in communities, identifying more strongly with our region or organization. Once again, we showed how united we can be!” said the Gitanas Nausėda.

Next Friday, on November 24th, at the Presidential Palace of the Republic of Lithuania, the country’s leader will award three teams from each challenge that have collected the most steps, as well as teams that have achieved the highest average number of steps.

Participants from all over Lithuania and the global Lithuanian communities joined the 7 challenges in the #walk15 app: “Cities,” “Towns,” “Organizations,” “Schools,” “High Schools,” “Communities,” and “Foreign Lithuanian Communities.”

57,000 participants walked for their school, over 28,000 participants for the city and organization each, 19,000 participants for the community, and over 12,000 participants for the high school and town each. 5,000 participants walked for the global Lithuanian community.

Throughout the entire challenge, real-time results were displayed on the project’s information partner, “,” online portal.