Mantas Mikuckas, Co-founder of Vinted, is investing in Walk15

Mantas Mikuckas, Co-founder of Vinted, is investing in Walk15

Mantas Mikuckas has joined the investors of Walk15. This year, the startup reached a valuation of 15 million euros and will begin active expansion into Germany.

Constantly growing

Walk15 attracted investor attention due to its rapid growth, international expansion opportunities, and sustainability mission. Currently, the app has over 600,000 users, and more than 1,300 companies use the Walk15 platform to engage in step challenges.

Walk15 is a digital solution for organizations, consisting of a sustainable mobility platform and the #walk15 app. It helps organizations worldwide involve their target audience, including employees, clients, partners, etc., in activities related to activity and sustainability. The Lithuanian startup is expanding internationally and collaborating with partners such as EuroLeague, ERGO, IKI, Penny and others. The primary focus of Walk15 is currently on expansion in Germany, and they are seeking investments for this purpose.

In the current year, Walk15 achieved a valuation of 15 million euros, with revenues growing eightfold since its inception. The app’s user base has increased twelvefold. Although it started as a B2B solution, the startup plans to test a B2C model this year.

Commenting on the investment decision, Mantas Mikuckas, co-founder of Vinted, stated that Walk15 is one of the best solutions to simultaneously address two pressing issues for humanity: reduced physical activity and the climate change crisis, by reducing CO2 footprint.

Mantas Mikuckas praised the app for its simplicity and universality, noting the active engagement of both children and seniors.

App offered new features

The app recently underwent updates with a new design and features, and Walk15 plans to introduce challenges not only for steps but also for cycling and other activities compatible with smart devices.

In September, the startup expanded to Romania, and the step rewards of the #walk15 app became available in all over 350 PENNY stores. The unique step rewards function of the app is gaining popularity, allowing businesses to upload their products and services, creating engaging step rewards for the #walk15 app user base, enhancing customer loyalty, and attracting a new audience.

More than 20% of Lithuania’s population uses the app, with nearly 100 million steps recorded in the step wallet per day. Calculating activity, #walk15 users have collectively walked to Mars five times.

Platform – a solution for organizations

Working with companies and human resources specialists, Walk15 introduced a special platform allowing organizations to independently create and manage step challenges throughout the year, create an unlimited number of step wallet offers, and measure employee activity. The functionally displayed data can be easily transferred to companies’ ESG or sustainability reports, making the tool even more versatile as a solution to implement and measure organizational health and sustainability actions.

It is estimated that step challenges engage over 50% of a company’s employees. The solution is particularly attractive because walking is an activity that requires no special preparation and is acceptable to every employee.