RADAROM: We’re Walking for Ukraine!

RADAROM: We’re Walking for Ukraine!

As the second anniversary of the war in Ukraine approaches, we invite you to come together and contribute to the safety of Ukrainian soldiers and their families. Let’s donate and support those fighting for the freedom of all of us. Join the special “RADAROM: we’re walking for Ukraine” steps challenge by pressing HERE!

▪️ Gather your family or team (up to 4 people) and join the step challenge. The entire team participation fee – 4.99 EUR* – will be dedicated to the “RADAROM” initiative.

▪️ The goal of the challenge is to collect as many steps as possible for Ukraine.

▪️ At the end of the challenge, you will receive a virtual diploma that commemorates both your support and the number of times you circled Ukraine with your steps.

The funds raised during the “RADAROM” initiative will be used to purchase secure soldier kits, consisting of night vision monoculars, laser sights, and individual anti-drone devices.

You can also contribute to the “RADAROM” initiative by calling the short number 1485 (5 EUR) or visiting Radarom.lt. 🌻

End of the step challenge: February 23rd, 23:59.

*The organizer of the initiative will receive the full amount of your donation, deducting third-party intermediary fees.