#walk15 team – already outside of Lithuania

#walk15 team – already outside of Lithuania

The team of #walk15 app continues to expand into foreign markets and congratulates the newest joining team members from Denmark – Frederik and Cecilia.

The newest members of the #walk15 team will work on the app’s growth and increasing awareness in Denmark and will also initiate news projects tailored exclusively for this market.

“Getting acquainted with Frederik and Cecilia started back in the spring. During this time, we became sure that our values, goals, and vision of development in the new market coincide, and our new colleges are not only enthusiastic but also competent. We hope that the new partnership will bring us closer to the common goal – to create a healthier world,” says Vlada Musvydaitė-Vilčiauskė, the founder and CEO of #walk15.

Aiming to create a healthier daily life

Cecilia Høholt Nielsen, the new #walk15 representative in Denmark, highlights the importance of fostering the walking culture as the main motivation.

“Working with #walk15 I get the chance to contribute to making people’s daily life a little healthier in so many ways. When first meeting the #walk15 team and tried the app, I realized how much fun, community, and meaning you can build around walking. Everyone can walk, you don’t need to be skilled or trained, you can be fast or slow, and even in a wheelchair or a toddler taking the very first steps. Walking is for everyone, and #walk15 brings people together simply just by walking. I really find it meaningful being a part of this mission,” says Cecilia.

While speaking about the Danish market, Cecilia reveals that in the context of a pandemic, walking has become one of the most popular physical activity activities.

“Walking in Denmark today is more popular than ever. From hiking in the woods to walking around the lakes of Copenhagen, walking has become the most popular sport during a pandemic. For this reason, now is a very exciting time to introduce #walk15 to the Danish market. The app provides a great tool and a community to keep up motivation by making every step count!” says the #walk15 manager in Denmark.

Frederik also notices the need to unite the walking communities in Denmark.

“The potential of #walk15 is big. The concept has seen great success in Lithuania and I would like to help expand the vision throughout the world. Denmark has a great tradition of walking as a part of a community. The concept of #walk15 is a perfect tool for unifying these walking communities,” says Frederik.

Today, the app unites more than 235,000 users. The pilot version of the app is developed in Lithuania, but the app works worldwide in 8 different languages: Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Danish, Belarusian, Russian, Polish, English. French and German will also be activated this fall.