Review of the year – what are the highlights of 2021?

Review of the year – what are the highlights of 2021?

Before the celebration of the New Year, we want to take a moment to appreciate how many significant events the #walk15 community has created in 2021. After all, this year the dreams of many walkers have come true!

What are the highlights of 2021?

  • The community has grown up to 260,000 users!
    At the beginning of the year, the #walk15 community had 130,000 users. During the year we grew significantly and today the app has doubled that – 260,000 users!
  • A dream come true – step discounts at grocery stores!
    Exchanging steps to discounts at cashier desks at the grocery stores was a long-waited dream of many walkers. In September this dream became a reality. Now when shopping at the IKI grocery stores, #walk15 users can scan their app and receive 20% discount on fruits and vegetables. More about that HERE.
  • We planted the world’s first steps forest!
    A special steps challenge, named THOUSAND REASONS TO WALK WITH ERGO was initiated in the spring. The goal of it was to celebrate ERGO’s 30th birthday in a meaningful way: to walk actively and by doing it to take care of our health and the environment around us. Meanwhile, ERGO has committed to turn the steps taken by the participants in the challenge into real trees. Thus, in October, the world’s first step forest was planted in Verkiai Regional Park. In total more than 5,000 oaks and other trees were planted.
  • “IKI Waling Competition” – the biggest healthiness event!
    This year we invited our community to meet and walk together three times – in Vilnius, in Šiauliai and in Kaunas. In total, more than 30,000 participants gathered and made “IKI Walking Competition” the largest healthiness event in Lithuania.
  • 700 tonnes of CO2 saved in the National Mobility Challenge!
    This year, the team of the app together with the President Institution of the Republic of Lithuania invited various organisations, cities and communities to walk more and thus create a greener Lithuania together. Tens of thousands of residents of the country and foreign Lithuanians responded to the call, saving more than 700 tons of CO2 gas by choosing to walk instead of using a car.
  • Office in Denmark
    Sustainability and healthiness are the universal values, equally important all around the world. Therefore, we seek to expand our activities in different markets and we are more than happy, that since 2021 #walk15 has its office not only in Vilnius, but in Copenhagen too.
  • Hundreds of steps to challenge businesses and schools
    More and more Lithuanian and international organisations are discovering the benefits of the steps challenges. Over 500 companies and over 600 schools in the country walked with the #walk15 app this year!
  • Representatives of Lithuania at the World Summit Awards 2021
    Winning the “New Bookbinder 2021” competition opened the opportunity for the app to represent Lithuania in the international “World Summit Awards 2021” awards – in the category of health and well-being. Although the winners have not yet been selected, the first round was passed and the app has already entered the World Summit Awards Shortlist 2021.
  • Winner of European Young Innovators 2021 contest
    App has been selected as one of the TOP 15 European Young Innovators 2021 solutions and was recognized as the best solution in the climate action category.


These are just some of the highlights from the amazing year at the #walk15 office. We want to THANK YOU for walking with #walk15! We hope to cherish the values ​​of sustainability and healthiness together in the coming 2022 too. Let’s make world a healthier place together!