IKI and #walk15 challenges to convert steps into discounts

IKI and #walk15 challenges to convert steps into discounts


IKI / Palink and the mobile app #walk15, created by Lithuanian startup, invite to increase the physical activity. By walking, it lets to collect steps in the #walk15 steps’ wallet and exchange them for discounts at IKI’s and partners’ stores! The app allows you to count the steps, participate in various challenges and use other app’s features for motivation

Challenge for companies

With the #walk15 app it is also possible to organize the steps challenges for companies! It is a great way to engage with your team, to prosper the values of healthiness, and to build a sense of team spirit in an innovative and safe way. More than 500 companies are estimated to participate in this challenge and they have already walked around the Earth 625 times!

The team of the #walk15 app was recognized as a winner at the annual European Young Innovators 2021 awards, that acknowledge the aims to foster social sustainable impact, pan-European connections, and wider opportunities for young digital entrepreneurs in Europe.