Lithuania is becoming an example of sustainable mobility – a steps discount on a train ticket

Lithuania is becoming an example of sustainable mobility – a steps discount on a train ticket

In Europe’s quest to become a climate-neutral continent, sustainable mobility initiatives aim to encourage people to choose more sustainable lifestyles and, at the same time, sustainable mobility alternatives. According to the survey conducted on behalf of the passenger transport company LTG Link, these trends are also strengthening in Lithuania: about a third of people consider sustainability when choosing a way of travel, and almost two-thirds perceive trains as the greenest means of transport.

In order to encourage residents to move more and change their daily habits, the free walking app #walk15 and LTG Link present a new motivational offer to change people’s mobility habits – 20% step discount for train ticket.

It is worth to travel sustainably

It is noticeable that more and more residents consider their impact on the environment when choosing travel methods. In Lithuania, the world’s first step discount for train travel, a convenient and accessible car-free travel connection for residents, was introduced, and in this way, these habits are encouraged even more.

“The train is the greenest means of transport, which has already been used by more than 3 million people in Lithuania this year. We want to encourage customers who have already discovered trains, as well as people looking for convenient and sustainable alternatives, to choose trains more often and discover the benefits of walking. At the start of the European Mobility Week, we joined forces with #walk15 to make green transportation initiatives even more attractive”, says Linas Baužys, head of LTG Link.

From now on, the steps accumulated in the step wallet of the free mobile app #walk15 will turn into 20% discount on LTG Link train tickets. It will be possible to use the discount every day, and it will take 75,000 steps.

“Step discounts on trains start on the first day of European Mobility Week, which also illustrates our main goal – to create conditions and motivate residents to travel in ways that are friendly to themselves and the environment, and to form new habits of sustainable mobility. We are happy that in this context Lithuania is becoming an example not only in Europe, but also in the world”, says Vlada Musvydaitė-Vilčiauskė, CEO and founder of the app #walk15.

Invites to discover Lithuania in a sustainable way

According to the organizers of the initiative, sustainable methods of mobility are perfectly compatible not only with daily travel in the city, but also with sightseeing trips in the countryside. In order to motivate people to discover the joy of harmonious travel, starting this Friday, new educational travel routes around Lithuania will be introduced, which will be reached by train.

In the routes section of the walking app, five new educational routes are presented free of charge to all users: “Vilnius LINK”, “Kauno LINK”, “Klaipėdos LINK”, “Trakų LINK”, “Varėnos LINK”. All of them are supplemented with dozens of educational points and convenient navigation, which allows you to easily discover the most beautiful places of these five Lithuanian cities as soon as you get off the train.

It is planned that more new educational routes will be presented to residents in the near future, and travelers will be able to find all the information about them on trains by scanning a special QR code.

Everyone can use the step discount for trips with LTG Link trains by downloading the walking app #walk15 for free and showing the generated discount code at the cash desk or using it when buying tickets in the LTG Link app or online: