Walk The Baltic Way

Walk The Baltic Way

Become a part of The Baltic Way challenge!

The idea – The Baltic Way is a measure of freedom! The track itself is 650 kilometers long and will be uploaded on our app #walk15 along with informational points in Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian and English languages.

The challenge – during the 23rd and 24th of August let’s unite and walk a total of 1000 Baltic Ways, which is over 650 000 kilometers or 17 times around the globe. Show the world our love for freedom and innovation!

The reward – this year The Baltic Way will have it’s 30th anniversary. Everyone who registers for the “Walk The Baltic Way” challenge and completes at least 30 000 steps will be awarded a one of a kind certificate for completing the 30th anniversary walk of The Baltic Way.

The track – the 650 kilometer long track will be uploaded to the #walk15 app. Historians from the Baltic countries of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia will mark the most important and interesting historical facts along the way, so every participant will be able to learn something new and exciting!

Invitation – We invite all of the Baltic Way events, media, social bodies, associations and communities to join this challenge!

The event – Walking The Baltic Way challenge will end on August 24th, at Laisvės Piknikas 2019. Idėjų Festivalis.

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