Growing everyday – new team member has joined #walk15 in Denmark

Growing everyday – new team member has joined #walk15 in Denmark

#walk15 team in Denmark is happy to congratulate a new member – Jean-Christelle. Being an experienced Event and Project Manager with a demonstrated history of working within various fields, JC will make the Danish team even stronger in sales and marketing.

“We are very happy to have JC on board! All team loves her energy and how enthusiastic she is about her new position!”, says Vlada Musvydaite-Vilciauske, the CEO and founder of the app #walk15.

Despite experience in project and event management, JC has a lot of history of working in sales and marketing. Also, she is skilled in innovation development, business processes, innovation development, and business innovation. In the app #walk15 team, JC will be responsible for selling and promoting steps challenges, tracks, and other products of the app in the Danish market.

“#walk15 is a big inspiration and perfect match to the Danish health culture and environmental mindset. It brings people together globally and locally and has a huge potential in the Danish walking community. No one is left out – everybody is welcome, and that alone is a great motivator. I am looking forward to encouraging people and walking towards a healthier and more environmental planet”, says JC.

Everyone who wants to start walking or cooperating with #walk15 in Denmark, can contact Danish team by pressing HERE.