The founder of Walk15 gathered 200 labradors for a walk

The founder of Walk15 gathered 200 labradors for a walk

On Saturday afternoon, nearly two hundred Labrador puppies and one cat gathered in Labanoras Forest to discover one of the most beautiful regional parks in the country. Together with their family members the four-legged friends covered a 5-kilometer route and were awarded special, environmentally friendly medals.

Celebrating a Birthday

This walk marked the third “Labrador Walking in Labanoras Forest.” The tradition began in 2020 when Labrador breeders were invited by Vlada Musvydaitė-Vilčiauskė, the creator of the #walk15 mobile app, to meet for a stroll.

“Back then we were celebrating the birthday of our Labrador named Vingis and were thinking about how we could make him happy. This is how the idea of letting him play with other puppies was born! This year, on the occasion of Vingis’ birthday, we meet for the third time, and we also celebrate our second Labrador, Lakis’ birthday. Almost 200 Labradors came for a walk!” said V. Musvydaitė-Vilčiauskė.

Not only Labradors, but also dogs of other breeds, attended, and one cat even joined them.

Labradorų ėjimas

Getting to Know Labanoras Forest

The event’s organizer says interest was so great that a few days before the event began, the organizers had to stop registration. During the walk, the puppies heard stories from representatives of the Labanoras Regional Park Authority about the exclusivity, daily challenges, and care of the Labanoras Regional Park Directorate.

The organizers aimed to promote walking habits and raise public awareness of the importance of forests and to introduce the basic principles of sustainable living.

Danguolė Radziulienė, administrator of the Labanoras Regional Park Visitor Center, said she received inquiries in December about whether Labrador walks would be organized in the upcoming year.

Labradorų ėjimas

After the hike – Soup Cooked on the Fire

All participants were invited to purchase a regional park ticket to contribute to the promotion of Labanoras Forest.

After walking, all four-legged participants received special, environmentally friendly medals, and their families were invited to enjoy a delicious soup cooked over a fire.

The tradition is planned to continue next year. Labrador Walking in Labanor Forest can be expected in March 2024.

Labradorų ėjimas