#walk15 mobile app, which unites over 100,000 users alone, aims to inspire you to walk every day. The constantly updated app provides users with dozens of engaging features that allow them to discover and create the most beautiful trails, grow environmentally friendly virtual trees, create and participate in step challenges, exchange accumulated steps for discounts in a unique step wallet.

What features awaits in the #walk15 mobile app?

  • CALCULATION OF DAILY STEPS. he app calculates daily steps and kilometers, allows you to set daily and weekly step goals, thus becoming a motivational tool to walk as much as possible every day.
    • FOR COMPANIES. The app provides an opportunity to create private step challenges within the company, thus creating the conditions for new and smart team-building activities. Employees can have fun competing not only while being in the office together, but also while working remotely from home.
    • PRIVATE STEP CHALLENGES. Each user can create a private step challenge for family, friends, school or club. It is a great tool to motivate yourself and people close to you to maintain daily activity.
    • PUBLIC STEP CHALLENGES. In the CHALLENGES section of the app, users are also awaited by public step challenges, where users are invited to walk for their COMPANY, SCHOOL, UNIVERSITY, CITY, the country’s most popular teachers are selected and other step initiatives are organized.
  • ECO STEPS DISCOUNT. The #walk15 app is also unique in its step wallet functionality. The step wallet accumulates all the steps users take, which they can exchange for discounts provided by apps’ partners. Shopping for steps is extremely environmentally friendly, so the discounts in the step wallet are called ECO!
  • GROWING VIRTAUL TREES. #walk15 virtual trees are grown while walking – a feature that develops the concept of human impact on the environment. The virtual #walk15 trees correspond to the number of real ones that the user would employ to process CO2 if he was covering the same distance by car. So, the app encourages you to cover small distances in the city on foot, conserve real trees and grow virtual ones!
  • VIRTUAL ROUTES. The TRACKS section of the mobile app contains hundreds of routes in different areas of Lithuania and other countries. The app offers users cognitive trails, uniquely voiced historical routes, fun trails for children and many other exclusive walking ideas.

#walk15 events

Our app development team extremely prides itself on having a very enthusiastic community of walkers united by the #walk15 walking culture. For this reason, we are constantly looking for reasons to meet and take a walk together. This is how not only dozens of different hikes were born, but also the events organized by #walk15, which have already become a tradition:

  • IKI WALKING COMPETITION. For the sixth year in a row, the walking festival, which occurs three times during the warm season, unites tens of thousands of walking enthusiasts in different cities and towns of the country.
  • LABRADOR WALK IN LABANORAS FOREST. Walking, which unites hundreds of Labrador quadrupeds and their hosts in the beautiful Labanoras forest.

Users can find out more about upcoming #walk15 events in their mobile app’s Facebook account or in the EVENTS section.

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