• 1. Why I cannot see my steps in the main screen?

    Please check your Steps Provider settings. You can choose to sync steps from Apple Health, Fitbit or Garmin.

  • 2. Why I can’t see my location in app?

    It might be beacause of permissions on your phone settings. To see your location in #walk15 app:
    • Open phone “Settings”;
    • Select #walk15 from apps list;

    • Select “Location”;

    • Switch to “While Using the App”.

  • 3. Why I cannot see my steps in challenge progress?

    Only the steps that you walked after joining challenge will be included to your progress. Also it can take up to 5min to recalculate everyones progress, so if you think that your progress was not included- check results after 5 minutes.

  • 4. Why I can’t add photo in #walk15 app?

    It might be beacause of permissions on your phone settings. To add photos in #walk15 app:

    • Open phone “Settings”:

    • In apps list open #walk15;

    • Open “Photos”;

    • Select “Selected photos” or “All Photos”.

  • 5. I see different daily steps progress in other app.

    Every app can have different logic how to calculate steps, this can impact up to 10% difference. If you notice bigger than 10% difference – please check your weight and height settings as it may also impact these numbers.

  • 6. Why I can’t open Camera in #walk15 app?

    It might be because of permissions on your phone settings. To turn on Camera in #walk15 app:

    • Open phone “Settings”;

    • In apps list open #walk15;

    • Turn on “Camera”.

  • 7. What smartwatches are currently supported?

    We currently support synchronization with the following devices:

    If your smartwatch is not listed above, you can try synchronizing it with Apple Health. To do this, open the smartwatch app on your phone, navigate to the profile settings, and select the option to link to your Apple Health profile. Then choose Apple Health as your step statistics provider in Walk15

  • 8. How to create challenge?

    Click here to find out more about the step challenges and create your own.

  • 9. How do I sync my Garmin device with the Walk15 app?

    To sync your Garmin device with the Walk15 app, please follow these steps:
    Open the Walk15 app and navigate to the Settings section.

    1. In the General settings area, tap on Steps Provider.
    2. Select Garmin from the list of step providers.
    3. You’ll be redirected to a new page where you’ll see the option ‘Daily Health Stats‘.Toggle the switch to the right to enable sharing data from Garmin to the Walk15 app.
    4. Click on Agree to finalize the syncing process.



  • 10. Why after setting up Garmin as steps provider, steps won't appear in app?

    When you set up Garmin as the steps provider for the #walk15 app, the synchronization of steps occurs in a specific sequence. Here’s how it works:

    1. Garmin Watch records steps: Your Garmin watch tracks your steps throughout the day as you move and walk.
    2. Garmin Connect syncs steps: The next step is to sync the steps recorded by your Garmin watch to the Garmin Connect app or website. This synchronization process transfers the step data from your watch to the Garmin Connect platform. This happens when openning Garmin Connect- sync indicator on top of app screen.
    3. #walk15 app accesses steps from Garmin Connect: Once the steps are successfully synced to Garmin Connect, the #walk15 app can then retrieve the step data from Garmin Connect.
    4. Steps appear in the #walk15 app: After the #walk15 app receives the step data from Garmin Connect, the steps will be displayed within the app.

    By understanding this sequence, you can ensure that your steps are accurately recorded, synced, and made available in the #walk15 app by following the necessary steps within the Garmin ecosystem.

Have more questions? Contact us support@walk15.app or +37069979877