How to pay with steps discount?

Discount for steps shopping rules

1. General provisions
1.1. The organizer of the discount for steps (hereinafter – the Promotion) is UAB “WALK15” and UAB “PALINK” (hereinafter – the Organizer). The promotion takes place in the stores “Iki”, “Iki Express” (hereinafter – Store), the list of which is provided below.
1.2. The promotion is open to all adults whose legal capacity is not restricted.

2. Conditions for discounts for steps:
3.1. When purchasing fruits and vegetables in any Store, you may use a special discount barcode (hereinafter – the Discount code) that you generate in the mobile app WALK15 (hereinafter – WALK15 app).
3.2. 1 barcode discount code is generated for 20,000 steps. After generating the Discount Code, 20,000 steps are deducted in the WALK15 app.
3.3. The discount code is visible in the WALK15 app for 30 minutes. If you do not use the Discount Code within 30 minutes. – The discount code disappears and 20,000 steps do not recover.
3.4. The discount code gives a 20% discount on fruits and vegetables. Sale, other promotion and CLEVER items are not included in the discount amount. Discounts cannot be combined.
3.5. When paying for the goods, it is necessary to have the Discount code generated in the WALK15 app with you.
3.6. You can scan the discount code yourself at the BITUTĖ self-service cash registers and provide it at the regular cash registers with a cashier. At the cash register with a cashier you scan the discount code in the card reader next to the cash register. When the Discount code is scanned, the cash register beeps. If the scan fails, ask the Cashier for help.
3.7. The Discount for Steps granted will be noted on the purchase receipt.
3.8. The Buyer can generate more than one Discount code. Steps are deducted from the Steps wallet by clicking “Pay with steps.” Each time a new Discount code is generated, 20,000 steps are deducted from the Steps wallet.
3.9. 1 The discount code is valid for 1 shopping for the whole basket of fruit and vegetables, except for the goods specified in point No. 3.4.

4. Procedure for submitting and examining complaints:
4.1. The participant of the campaign has the right to file complaints regarding the course of the Promotion. Complaints can be submitted to the Organizer:
regarding the WALK15 mobile app: , or by phone: +370 699 79877;
regarding the granting of a discount for fruit and vegetables: e-mail: .
4.2. All submitted complaints will be considered and the answers to the Promotion participant will be submitted within 30 calendar days from the date of receipt of the written complaint.

5. Other conditions:
5.1. The Organizer has the right to change the rules of the Promotion at any time and / or terminate it by notifying about it in the same way as the rules of this Promotion have been published.
5.2. The rules of the Promotion are available on the website and until the end of the Promotion.
5.3. The Organizer of the Promotion is not and will not be liable for any loss (damage) of the participants of the Promotion related to participation in the Promotion, including but not limited to the purchase of goods during the Promotion.
5.4. The persons participating in the Promotion confirm that they unconditionally agree with these rules and undertake to follow and comply with them.

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